Commercial Cinematography Services

At Garcia Films, we have years of experience in using commercial cinematography to turn your vision into a reality. With our dual focus in commercial cinematography and accurate brand messaging, we have the tools to transform your film production concept into a work of art.

Creating The Concept:

Before the commercial film production process can begin, we recognize that to use commercial cinematography, we must piece together a unique, original concept. As both a commercial film production company and a creative agency, we are able to create a full cinematic concept that will “wow” you and your audiences and combine it with our commercial photography and commercial videography services. By focusing on the creative process, we can help you create something that will impress your customers and prospects.


Through hd film production, we can gather real-life footage that will transform your concept into a reality. In this stage of the creative process, the real content creation happens. Whether we are shooting on the Plaza in Kansas City or traveling to exotic locations, we will travel to any destination necessary to gather b-roll. With our commercial film production crew that focuses on aerial cinematography, we can use unmanned aerial vehicles to capture your vision at any angle.


Once we are done gathering b-roll, we take our unique footage back to the studio to piece together your work of art. From there, we use a variety of hd post production techniques to polish your production to perfection. In the post-production stage, we take raw video footage and use any or all of the following techniques to create a masterpiece:

  • Sound mixing
  • Video compression
  • Color correction
  • Editing b-roll
  • Gradient editing
  • And more

As a full creative agency and video production company, Garcia Films can take a concept and turn it into something that will “wow” your customers so that you can grow your business.

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