Trucking Recruitment Video Production

Transportation is the backbone of America and it’s what keeps the world’s economy moving. Garcia Films has several years of experience working with many transportation companies. We specialize in driver recruitment video production, corporate identity films, and branding for the industry. Our videos bring your company’s unique and engaging brand story to life.

Attracting the Right Audience

Garcia Films will take your marketing piece to the next level by interviewing drivers and really getting to know them during the filming process. In addition,  it’s beneficial for a recruitment film to attract the right audience in order to get qualified applicants. Our goal is to get drivers interested in the company and encourage them to apply or visit your website.

Capturing an Emotional Connection

One of the ways Garcia Films piques a driver’s interest is by creating an emotional connection through video. In this reel, we showed shots of the driver with their family and children because every driver relates to this as they spend most of their working hours away from home. These emotional pieces put the drivers in the video talent’s shoes. Garcia Films believes shots like these are key to getting a potential applicant interested in your specific company.

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In this particular reel, Garcia Films worked across the country filming shots of the truck fleet, from Santa Monica, California, to Colorado, Utah, and other places in the midwest. We used drones and car-to-car filming to create a realistic look similar to what you would see in a movie that captured the movement of these transportation vehicles across many dynamic landscapes and backgrounds.

Need aerial photography or video production?

If it’s time to elevate your company’s brand story through visual storytelling, Garcia Films is ready to start the conversation today.

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